Innovation Projects


eleweb Media & Marketing S.L. (former Mallorca Fernsehen S.L.) begins with innovation as company in 2000, applying new technology on communication. Between audio visual and multimedia production and its distribution on-line, the firm opens new ways on all levels, offers a new product between 2 sectors and takes over a role of creative content provider and broadcaster.
From 2005 on, Internet TV Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza und Formentera takes part in different innovation projects on regional, national and international level:


Between 2009-2011:

– Teleweb Media & Marketing takes part in the national project MASHUP TV which aims to develop new application to promote tourism over IPTV. The system will be developed to offer an interactive interface for tourists to access tourist information, sign-up for activities and for advertisers in the tourist branch to offer their activities.

The MASHUP TV consortium is composed of:
– turisTEC, AEI in TIC-Tourism of the Balearic Islands
– Laboratorio LTIM of the University of the Balearic Islands
– Fundació iBit
– activa_multimèdia
– Teleweb Media & Marketing S.L.
– at4. Internet y comunicación
– EkoPLC


Year 2010:

– Participation in the project iTAPAS by the european Programm EUROSTAR
– Idea and Concept presentation of ALPHA-COMM within the VII. Frame Programm of the EU. Presented in the modality IP / Innovative Solutions for digital Libraries, the project counted on 13 partners from 5 countries, a.o. HP in Italy and Frauenhofer Institut in Germany.


Between 2008-2009:

– Participation in Programm InnoEmpresa, co-financed by Consellería de Comerç, Indústria i Energia of Govern Balear, Balearic Ministery of Industry and Energy.


Year 2008:

– Participation in the GEDESTUR project sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade in experimental development and the Mashup-TV project in TurisTEC consortium. This last project aims to develop contextualized thematic tourist channels for the distribution of digital information over IPTV. TLWSL delivers the audiovisual information and develops the exploitation plan and the testing program of the IT-PAdS system.


Between 2005-2007:
Teleweb Media & Marketing S.K has been leading the project “Use, requirement and impact of multimedia tourist information in the Balearic Islands in internet”. This project has been performed with the IBIT foundation, the University of the Balearic Islands, the research, development and innovation department of the Government of the Balearic Islands (DGRDI) and the directorate general of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. The objective of this project is to investigate the demand of tourist information in terms of format, type, content and quality to innovate the demanded content over the internet.


Teleweb Media & Marketing  S.L. is inscribed in:
· Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade as a R+D Company.
· Spanish Ministry of Culture as a Production Company.


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